Thursday, November 1, 2012

Interesting question for the interwebs

I recently received an email for a work-from-home job opportunity. It sounded interesting but the actual business name was not given. I sent back an email saying I was interested in the job. I received an email in reply. Here's what followed:

The email initially reads very legitimate. It offers a salary that was on the low end for the job but was in a normal range. The benefits were pretty typical. Even the bonuses sound normal. It offers partnerships for small and medium business owners. Job responsibilities were listed that were entirely reasonable. Sounds too good to be true right?

Cue alarm bells.
  • The email was in my spam folder, not the inbox.
  • The email was addressed as "Dear Job Seeker." If you're hiring me, use my name.
  • The email claimed the company did social media/web design/digital marketing, yet the company could not be googled. If that's what you do, even if you are legitimate, you're not very good at your job.
  • The company website was far too generic for a web design firm.
  • I did a View Source on the website. It's a site, not a standalone .com
  • The text of the website is just a little awkward, suggesting that whoever put it together was not a native English speaker.
  • The email said the company was five years old but the website had no testimonials from past clients or any designs in their portfolio from those clients
  • I was now very suspicious. The company claims to be based in Houston, TX. The address does exist on Google Maps, so I called the Texas Secretary of State. The business has not filed any paperwork. No tax ID. Nothing.
So, here's my question: should I simply ignore this email or send back an email asking why a social media company has no paperwork and cannot be googled? What do you think interweb wanderers? What would you do?

I am also going to admit to a bit of naivete here and say that I have sent them my resume. It only contains basic contact info so is not a terrible inconvenience for me. Just an FYI for the rest of you NOT to do that.


Currer Bell said...

I had something similar happen recently and I did send something to the "company"...but I haven't heard anything back. So I say unless you have a lot of free time, I'd just safe my energy. Sorry that these people bother us and get us possibly geared up for a new gig for naught. Blargh.

Post Medievalist said...

I have run into a lot of these job listings on craigslist. The postings I am familiar with are scams in which someone tries to get you to work as a personal assistant, but you never have an opportunity to actually meet the employer. Then they are supposed to wire you money to take to charitable organizations.

From what you have posted, it doesn't sound like that particular scam is being run here. However, a company that is legitimately interested in interviewing you will give you contact info and the name of a person. I wouldn't waste your time trying to pursue this kind of lead.

Pi said...

Oh I was certain it wasn't a lead. I just wanted to know if/how they would respond to someone calling them out on their scam. They didn't request money, only offered a salary. So, I'm guessing they're phishing for bank account info.

On a happier note, I'm getting better rejections for my applications so hopefully an actual interview is on the horizon.