Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Roads, Old Blocks

About mid-December of last year, I took a hiatus from applying for jobs. At the time, due to several unfortunate incidences, I was working full-time for Boyfriend's company. It wasn't great money but it was enough to get by. Since then, the hours have dropped to nothing. Obviously, this is not good for our financial health but we're still (mostly) afloat.

So, I've been taking the time to wander new roads for careers, rather than just applying to anything that sounds promising. Research administration and learning consultant jobs have some appeal. They use many of the skills I have and nearly all ask for a minimum of a masters, if not for a Ph.D. outright. They also ask for experience in education and/or research. I'm a little more optimistic about these leads.

Boyfriend and I have also connected with the local alumni chapter. At various points, we've both gone to GradU. The head of the alumni group has offered to circulate my resumé, like they have for several other alums. I'm working on revamping my resumé to include my research more centrally and to write a cover email that explains the kind of position I'm looking for.

I'm networking and focusing and hoping something comes from this. Of course, this may all be for naught...but that's another tale I'll tell if it comes to be.
On an utterly unrelated note, I'm working on a new fitness routine. It's all body weight exercises, not just lifting free weights. My goals are to be able to do an unassisted pull-up and multiple legitimate push-ups. It'll take awhile. I can barely lift half my body weight.

I'm also trying to start running again. This is easier said than done as I get really bad shin splints after about 50 ft of running. I recently used some of my limited tax refund to pay for new running shoes. The store I got them at has customers run on a treadmill and they videotape your lower legs and feet so you can see how you're hitting the ground. I pronate something fierce which is, apparently, not good. So I have new shoes that should help with the shin splints and I'll stick to running on trails, not sidewalks, for awhile.

So the plan is to keep looking for work, focusing on research admin and consulting jobs, and to take care of myself. Here's to keeping on keeping on.