Friday, April 12, 2013

Here we go again

Sometimes, life gets bumpy. Boyfriend's company has hit some snags due to economics and politics. The result: he was laid off...indefinitely. Yeah, it sucks.

The implications of this include that we'll likely have to break our lease and find a new place to live. Without jobs, that may mean a move back to the parents' houses. Not ideal but it's better than a refrigerator box under the overpass. Both sets of parents have offered assistance but both are also retired. Moving is a headache. We're hoping that we'll at least be moving to a city where we have jobs waiting but the economy may not allow that.

On the upside, I can expand my job search from New City. This opens the door to some new possibilities that did not really exist in New City. It also makes it more difficult because the geographic constrictions are gone. Yes, Boyfriend still needs to finish the rest of his residency. However, this experience has taught us that we need to find jobs first and then work toward living near each other. If it happens this time around great, if not, we'll deal with that.

I'm now expanding the hunt to all of the Midwest + Washington, DC/Maryland. Still looking for research administration or data analyst jobs in the Midwest. However, there are several possibilities in DC/MD that appeal. I'm not a fan of big cities but if that's where the jobs are, I'll find a way to make it work.

There is also the possibility of a job at GradU. It's in the overarching grad school administration, not affiliated with my old department. The idea of such a job is appealing as it does not require me to deal with my old faculty necessarily while still living a city I'm very comfortable in.

We're trying to stay upbeat. Really. We have a chance of moving to a part of the country where we fit in better - where we can both get jobs. So, here we go again. Expanded job hunt. Building new networks. Another move.