Monday, September 17, 2012

Update to last post and a few queries

After multiple phone calls, messages left, and emails sent, GradU department has sent the necessary form to the dean's office. They claim it will be there by tomorrow. Hopefully the rest of the paperwork will fall into place and I'll officially have a Ph.D.

And hopefully I'll start to get calls for job interviews. I've got five more in the wings I'm applying for. Anthea made a good point in the comments to my "Some Days I'm Just Dumb" post awhile back about how to phrase some of my nontraditional administrative experience from being a TA and instructor. I think that's something I should do before my next round of applications.

On a related note, how do you talk about experience you have in relevant skills (such as database design and management) when they were not part of job you were paid for but skills you learned while being a grad student? I can't list "Graduate Student" as a job and "Professorial Apprenticeship" would just be confusing.

And from those of you who have worked for multiple departments within a university: do you list each separately as a different job or just as "Instructor for Grad U" for however many years? I taught for 7 years in three different departments at my GradU while working on my degree. I tutored for a few years prior to and overlapping with that. And then it's hourly jobs so far back in time that I don't even remember my supervisors' names. How do you deal with listing jobs on online apps when you can't remember supervisors' names? I don't care if they contact these businesses for a reference. I don't think anyone in those businesses would even remember me. How far back do you go in time with your resume?

Yeah, I'm trying to think about more productive things than the paperwork snafu at GradU. Any suggestions are welcome and thank you all for your suggestions and willingness to share your job hunting experience.

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Josh Magsam said...

My work experience resume section only lists jobs I've had since finishing my b.a., and even then, I focus on longer-term jobs; although I have had a random collection of summer jobs in grad school, etc., I left those off in favor of the more complex, longer-term positions with more duties and responsibilities.

As far as multiple positions / depts at the same university, I simply did as follows:

Ginormous University -- Dates worked
--Most recent position
--Previous to that
--Previous to that

This format really helped compress space -- and I've heard from HR folk that this shows progress / movement within an organization, which is something they claim to look for.

Hope this helps -- good luck in your search!