Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Radical Shifts

For those who missed it, I have been working as a part-time administrative assistant. One thing I have learned from this job is that I cannot sit at a desk for extended lengths of time. Literally, if I don't need to be at the computer or the phone, I'm walking around or pacing or moving somehow. Trying to stay sitting just results in my shifting in my chair a lot or spinning around or moving folders from one side of the desk to the other. I think I used up all of my ability to sit still in grad school.

And no, it's not the result of too much coffee. I've tested that hypothesis already.

This puts a wrinkle in my job hunting plans. I have been looking for administrative or data analyst jobs. Jobs that would go well with those transferable skills one picks up in academia. The problem is, well, you have to be able to sit for a long time in those jobs. They're desk jobs. Since I seem unable to do this, a change in job hunting strategies is needed.

Now, I'm shying away from straight up desk jobs. I only apply to jobs that ask for at least a "Masters degree preferred." The description needs to include a large variety of tasks that seem an unlikely find in any schmo off the street. Of course, those types of jobs tend to be higher up on the corporate food chain and require experience in a specific field that I don't generally possess. This will be interesting. At least I have a lot of experience in project management, public speaking, teamwork, networking, and managing people (classes in academic-ese).

I've also taking to working out more. The apartment complex has a decent gym. The upshot of being underemployed is that I can use that gym during the day when everyone else is at work. I managed to do 4 legitimate push-ups today. Not "girl" push-ups or push-up variations. Actual push-ups. Not bad for someone still recovering from dissertating chub-up. I think I'll work to being able to do a pull-up next. Or running a 5k. I haven't decided yet. Working out has given me a lot more energy of late (probably part of that whole unable to sit down problem). Maybe I'll take up kick-boxing again. Who knows? Hope y'all out there Blog World have found a few utterly non-work related goals on your recovery path.

Special kudos to Currer whose recent post gave me the inspiration to finish this one. Good luck with your Coach!